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Is it possible to feel nostalgia for what was not experienced personally? Nostalgia for something we just glimpsed? You can, obviously. I feel nostalgia for the Soviet Union. Or rather, for the image I had, we did, of the Soviet … Continued

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Yuniesky Gourriel con los Quebec Les Capitales


Yuniesky Gourriel has never been nor will he ever be -a star on the baseball firmament. Unlike his brother Yuliesky, the center fielder is not a wonder at the plate, nor impresses by a strong arm and the ability to … Continued

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The Jewish or Hitler are not the ones to blame. It isn’t the moon’s fault, nor my white grandfather’s, who one evening long time ago crossed the steel curtain and settled in Uruguay. It isn’t Buena Fe’s fault, though I … Continued

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OnCuba shares with you a selection of photos sent by the contestants in the Cuba living the World Cup Competition. The author of the most popular photo will receive a T-shirt of the winning team and the ten most liked … Continued

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CUBA IS AT A UNIQUE MOMENT IN its relations with the United States. A survey conducted this year and sponsored by the Atlantic Council, one of the most representative organizations of the U.S. establishment, found that most people in the … Continued

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I got her call an afternoon that was boring but beautiful, one of those days where you don’t expect or need anything, and you’re just feeling good from such spontaneous, simple beauty. Everything seemed perfect with me, on the outside. On … Continued

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Some POLICIES ARE MADE OF ABSURDITY. THAT MIGHT sound simple, but what’s certain is that some legal frameworks seem to have been designed out of stupidity. We laugh when we read that in the United States, strange laws still exist … Continued

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I do not know anything about Havana. I realize it especially when almendrones (old American cars) take another route (very long) and cost up to twenty dollars for a trip that begins at the Park of the Fraternity in the … Continued

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I would guess that he is about 55, maybe 58, but no older…. He needs a few more wrinkles and a few more gaps in his memory to be 60. He tells me that he lived for almost 10 years … Continued

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Every play has at least two or three truths. There are terrible plays, sublime plays, trivial plays, and plays that are neither of them and remained at a damned midpoint, but most of the time there is something you could … Continued

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