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A few days ago, while I was reading news about the city where I live and the city where I was fortunately born, an idea came to me that I would make into a reality, if it were up to … Continued

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Z Street just got another hole. It is a beautiful, jagged and brittle hole. A perfect cavity, worthy of a perfect left foot sprain. Wet still in her amniotic fluid is just a small little boo-boo on the asphalt, but … Continued

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TransplantIn this country we have always mistaken lucidity with stubbornness, do not you think? R. B. It doesn’t stop. Pedro Cabrera, director of International Relations and Communication of INDER, recently said, referring to Cuban volleyball and the likely reentry of … Continued

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This issue of OnCuba is a gift for beginning a vacation that you don’t want to forget. This month, our features include a look at Varadero, which is not just the most beautiful beach in the world; an encounter with Cuban musician Arsenio Rodríguez, “the Wonderful Blind Man”; the anniversary of the famous El Floridita, Hemingway’s bar...

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To all mothers (and mothers-in-law like mine) we present this edition of OnCuba. Our offerings include an up-close interview with Cuban actress Blanca Rosa Blanco; a tour of Santiago de Cuba’s Morro; the attractions of the “Art for Mom” arts … Continued

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Anyone who has ever had the pleasure of traveling to Cuba knows that the Miami-to-Havana flight goes by almost like the blink of an eye; it is not just any flight. The abnormal situation begins the moment you decide to … Continued

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Revista OnCuba edición no 13 marzo de 2013


In this special issue, we present you with several articles about baseball, our national passion; one is by well-known writer and baseball fan Leonardo Padura; another is a look at the relationship between two of our greatest Cuban pitchers, Pedro Luis Lazo and Jose Ariel Contreras, one of whom lives in Cuba and the other in the United States.

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Revista OnCuba edición no 9 noviembre de 2012


E very one of us has a specific Havana that we love, long for, need and enjoy in our own way. We hope that you will recognize your city in this special edition of OnCuba, which we have dedicated to the former Villa San Cristóbal de la Habana, which will turn 493 years old on November 16. An interview with City Historian Eusebio Leal; the story of the House of the Green Tiles, and; the new policy for renting locales in Habana Vieja.

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I have a bad habit. I remember important dates with days and sometimes weeks in advance, but a few hours before I completely forget them, as if I turn off the alarm in my head. This brings, of course, serious … Continued

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The Habano is a leading product on the world market, with an exclusive flavor that comes from the nature of the soil where its tobacco is grown and from our island’s climate, along with the knowledge and experience of Cuba’s tobacco growers. The Habano represents a designation of origin reserved for a selection of the most prominent brands of cigars, which are made following the strictest guidelines. Most are made totally by hand using Cuban methods that were first used in Havana almost two centuries ago.

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