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The Habano is a leading product on the world market, with an exclusive flavor that comes from the nature of the soil where its tobacco is grown and from our island’s climate, along with the knowledge and experience of Cuba’s tobacco growers. The Habano represents a designation of origin reserved for a selection of the most prominent brands of cigars, which are made following the strictest guidelines. Most are made totally by hand using Cuban methods that were first used in Havana almost two centuries ago.

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The best films I've seen in my personal movie theater of my laptop, alone, presumably at night, but not too late, but at the gates of the night, say around nine or ten, as an appetizer of wakefulness, as food for the vigil and hallucination. Do not watch a movie before going to bed because the film is still, sequence, trick, the very same powerful attributes of sleep, and that would be an unfair competition.

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A few days ago, I woke up very early—5:30 a.m.— as I usually do. Coming out of my deep, relaxed sleep, there was no way I could have suspected the day that lay ahead.

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Whoever visits Baracoa, first village, capital and  bishopric of Cuba since 1511, and does not savor the chocolate produced at the David Suárez Abella Enterprise of Cacao By-products, only one producing cocoa in the archipelago, will have lost forever the opportunity of savoring the exclusiveness.

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The game had been going on for 38 minutes. The Cuban team was playing dangerously at the Pedro Marrero stadium of the capital. The Panamanian visitors could do little against their technical superiority. A pass filtered in the area. Team captain Alberto Gómez received the ball backwards to the goal, turned round and hit it almost at ground level. The ball “capriciously” entered the opponent’s net and the Cubans yelled as loud as they could the scream of “goal” they had silenced for 487 minutes in this world qualifying round.

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Turning waste into art, that is the passion of Grethell Rasúa, a young Cuban artist who offers a very peculiar service: she makes articles to wear or use at hose with body waste or liquids of her clients. She combines excrement, tears, blood, urine, semen, earwax, hair, saliva, with silver, gold, plastic, pearls, fabrics, resin, among other materials, to create jewels, clothes or decorative objects for the home.

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Historically, Havana has been a night owl and a diverse city. For several years, one of the main arteries of the capital the Presidents’ Avenue (also known as G Street) has become an objective for theorists and social researchers. Every week-end, hundreds of teenagers and young people meet in that space. The most popular groups are the emos, hippies, mickies, repa, punks and metaleros. But among them there are other much more unique classifications: floggers, Gothic, grunges, wolf-men, among others.

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From the coasts of far-off Africa and in subhuman conditions, they were taken to Cuba in the bellies of the slave ships: men, women and children. Unknowingly, the Spanish slave traders transplanted what we now call religious syncretism, because they were not just bringing the official Catholic saints on those ships; they were also transporting traditions, customs, psychology, music, religions, ceremonies, legends and orishas (gods) along with the people they had tragically snatched from African lands. Today, they are an inseparable part of our Cuban nationality.

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Rarely have so many interesting and dissimilar events and circumstances come together in the history of a ship as they do in the case of the emblematic Canadian schooner, the Bluenose. Designed and built as a fishing boat, the winner of international regattas, subsequently converted into a cargo ship, detained at sea by a German submarine during World War II, shot at by the U.S.

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My neighbor, an elegant man of few words who takes each step as unhurriedly as a sunset, is a very persevering Cuban. Every weekend he gets up at the crack of dawn, bends down on brittle kneels in his colorful garden and, with more determination than skill, attempts to plant a type of light-colored, shaggy grama grass that just does not take, no matter how hard he tries. We have lived in the same area for five years, but I have greeted him only three times; he is a very introverted and serious man. He seems to be a good person, though.

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