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Ajiaco Café. Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Cuba’s Flavors

A culinary expert. Daughter of the founder of the famous Rancho Luna and El Ajibe restaurants, she learned from him to value the culinary and food culture not just as a delight but also as a fundamental space to understand … Continued

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Piece of the series "Músicas", from 1975. Lithography (30 x 42 cm) by Leonel López-Nussa.

LIGHTS AND SHADOWS. Leonel López-Nussa: Innately Indispensable

Leonel López-Nussa (Havana, 1916-2004): Draftsman, painter, engraver, illustrator, narrator, journalist and art critic. A maestro who knew how to wield in parallel the pen, the brush and the gouge, and create a family included among the most representative of the … Continued

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Billboard: Contemporary Dance of Cuba with another skin

La segunda piel is the newest Contemporary Dance of Cuba’s (DCC) world premier. It will be on stage the whole weekend with musical surprises so if you’re a DCC addict don’t miss it! There will be more Dance in the … Continued

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Billboard: Rock with BandEra

BandEra Studio is back after their first big concert’s success in Salon Rosado, and always with Rock and Roll as a personal sign, as a lifestyle. This is our first invitation. So if you where on their last event, do … Continued

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Ketty Fresneda won second place in MasterChef 6 Spain.

Ketty Fresneda: being a Cuban in MasterChef Spain

On the night July 9 some 3 million persons were watching for the broadcast of MasterChef 6 Spain, the toughest and most tear-jerking contest, according to the Spanish press comments. The emotions overflowed on the dish, a rather neck-to-neck duel … Continued

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On everyone’s lips

Always slim and delicate, to the point of awaking that genuine fondness of others when one is very small. That, while there was no bullying by the others, those who were studying in higher grades, or one of them pointing … Continued

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Cuba-U.S. baseball meet in Havana’s Latin American Stadium. Photo: Otmaro Rodríguez.

Cuban baseball sets off alarms

Few times has the training of a Cuban baseball team for the principal international event left so many doubts. The island’s team that is in Barranquilla was not good at all in its preparatory meets and has set off the … Continued

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Photo: Kaloian

Proposals for the new Constitution

The draft that will serve as the foundation for the approval of a new Cuban Constitution reaffirms the socialist character of the political, economic and social system in the country and the “governing role” of the Communist Party of Cuba … Continued

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Shooting of “Sergio and Sergei.” Héctor Noas plays the role of a Russian cosmonaut. In the background to the left Ernesto Daranas, the film’s director.

“Sergio and Sergei” as global format

  The first thing spectators see when they go to see Sergio and Sergei (2017) is a screen that reads: Mediapro. Further on, RTV Comercial comes on. The first is, according to the firm’s page, “a leading group in the … Continued

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Billboard: 35 years with Liuba

This week we’ll celebrate the 35 career years of Luiba Maria Hevia. The proposal is a concert with the National Symphonic Orchestra next Sunday, so you can enjoy her music and all the memories from these years. Also, in Music … Continued

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