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Santiago de Cuba / Photo: Alain L. Gutiérrez Almeida

Santiago de Cuba: A Cradle of Culture

Santiago de Cuba is the cradle of a large part of Cuban culture. The eastern city has in fact spawned some of the most distinctive elements for which the island nation and its people are recognized: son music, the partying … Continued

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“A positive and productive dialogue,” although much remains…

The first round of negotiations was a positive and productive dialogue. We have discussed the specific measures to be taken to restore diplomatic relations between our countries, said Roberta Jacobson, head of the US delegation, who gave statements to the … Continued

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Arts dresses in Fashion

The mixture could not be better: designers, plastic artists, photographers and runways. The seventh edition of Art and Fashion dressed in finery the Cuban Art building’s courtyard of the national Museum of Fine Arts. From November 13 through the 16 … Continued

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The portable SD cards and flash drives have become very popular devices to listen and share music in public / Photo: Roby Gallego.


Havana can be measured in decibels. The city is pentagram overflowing notes in shapes, colors and waves. To photograph the sound then an advantage: Havana is both bait and prey, and tells you when to shoot. The portable SD cards … Continued

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“2014 Digital Nature” or how to live a photo contest

Monday After passing the village of Manicaragua the engine speed has increased. The bus is not afraid of the mountain, and it heads straight ahead, full of inertia, towards the next slope. Inside it, almost everyone knows each other. Now … Continued

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Inside here, bamboo shines and illuminates

Bambú Centro: a cooperative on the making

You can get to the Bambú Centro walking through Chinatown till you get to Zanja Street. Walk down Rayo Street until you find a wooden door with a sign: “Bambú Centro” which below has another a little bigger with the … Continued

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cars in Cuba

Havana´s stationary cars

What can we say about cars in Cuba? … One day I heard that the island has the world’s oldest car fleet; I wouldn’t know for certain but it is likely true. It is also likely to be the country … Continued

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Pink flamingos in the Maximo River

You are late –said Loidy—the boys are already gone. They should be back in an hour. No one would think this is in Cuba. There is dry, cracked, arid land resulting from low tides. Square kilometers of mud and dead … Continued

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