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An Eclectic Look at Cuban Dance Companies

Getting access to the intimate routines of Cuba’s main dance companies reveals all kinds of interesting trivia: that classical ballet dancers wear the most extravagant socks to keep their legs warm, that contemporary dancers are loud, that folk dancers don’t … Continued

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Carlos & X Alfonso: Cuba is a mystery, a marvel

By Laurent Guevara Carlos and X Alfonso are the male representatives from a family of musicians, with different styles and objectives. Father and son in the same language and with different sounds speak of identity, religion, politics, dreams… Carlos began … Continued

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Liliet Rivera: I wanted to make my story in Cuban dance

Havana Compas Dance has performed, for ten years, in Cuban and part of the world scenarios. Since Liliet Rivera left the Litz Alfonso Ballet looking for aesthetic and own movements. Not always with stools or live drums. Not always with … Continued

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Conner Gorry: “Cubans are awesome; flowers come out of their mouths”

Many Cubans have called Conner Gorry crazy, because in 2002 she left New York and came to live in Havana, in love with Cuba and a Cuban. Her first physical contact with the country was in the fields harvesting root … Continued

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El dúo Buena Fe durante los ensayos / Fotos: Kako.

Israel Rojas: “You grow more in sorrow than in praise”

In these fifteen years of work, Buena Fe has redirected its essence. “Before we used to throw rocks to see what came out. Now our way of projecting the art, instead of pursuing the Hit Parade, has found other ways … Continued

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Omara Portuondo

Magical Omara

The photographs treasure unique moments of the exciting life of Omara Portuondo. In one of those images “frozen” by the camera, Ms. Omara Portuondo smiles while sitting on a wicker piece of furniture and the air waves her hair even … Continued

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Venta de autos en Cuba

Prices of cars without popular support

Six months after the prices of new cars rose by 800 percent, all Cuba dealerships have sold 50 used vehicles and not a single one brand new. Thousands of doctors, artists, journalists and diplomats were left with the desire to … Continued

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Cesario Melantonio Neto, embajador de Brasil en Cuba

Brazil aims at balancing trade with Cuba (+ Video)

Relations between Brazil and Cuba have continued to improve in recent years, and today can be described as very good, according to Cesario Melantonio Neto, that country’s ambassador in Havana. Currently the Special Area Development Mariel constitutes the larger joint … Continued

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Silvio Rodríguez

Silvio Rodríguez: “I wouldn´t know how to live any other way”

-In the concerts (free) through the neighborhoods I found a way, the right way. -These are recording studios that are not self-sufficient, they are always in red. I finance them with my tours abroad, like everything else I do in … Continued

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How was Little Finger developed?

The so long-awaited premier of Little Finger(Meñique), the first Cuban 3D animated film, has been alreadyannounced for next Sunday 20 at 10:00 am at the Chaplin Cinema. With an outstanding artistic quality and technology, the little hero will be accompanied … Continued

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