Elegance and comfort to enjoy a Habano

A Casa del Habano looks more like a family dwelling. Its workers, hours before opening the doors, work tirelessly. Waiters dress and decorate the rooms, the gardener checks on the plants, clerks update listings of goods, and the bartender rubs the bar in search of the luster lost the previous night. All tasks are performed in the greatest harmony, as they talk about the latest ballgame, quality of transport, or the cold they longed for but didn’t arrive in Cuba this winter.

Perhaps what distinguishes the job in recent weeks is how fast is done. What happens is that within a few days, on February 27, the Casa del Habano located in 5th and 16 in Miramar will host a dinner, accompanied by a show of live Cuban music to the delight of those attending the XVI Festival del Habano , to be held in Havana February 24-28 and it will be dedicated to honor four of the most prestigious Habanos brands : Hoyos de Monterrey , Trinidad , Partagas and H. Upmann .

Each house is its own customers, and the one on 5th and 16 is no exception. “Dinner is an excellent opportunity for the participants to visit the Fair again in the future. The possibilities of technical and commercial exchanges are mutually beneficial, “Carlos Robaina Pacheco, Public Relations Specialist said.

“We seek to create every day with all that visit us an atmosphere of cordiality and familiarity. The treatment is customized both for Cubans and foreigners. Besides selling cigars, we teach beginners how the process to enjoy a good Cuban cigar is, and we perform the ritual lighting for them. We advise them on the brand and band to choose from. Also we recommend the most suitable choice to take home, ” he says.

However, he warns that with experienced customers that is not the same. In that case the person chooses the Habano, knowing what he wants. “So what we do is to share with them, we chat while he is placidly smoking his Habano. That is the act that creates familiarity. “

For the climate of easiness not to get broken it is important that the House keeps the precise moisture and temperature. Only then they achieve the cigar to improve its aroma and extend their conservation.

Robaina Pacheco tells us while at the same time enjoying a Habano that “… a good cigar is like wine, with the years of study loses in strength, but wins in aroma. This is why the response to why is so demanded internationally. “

Having an excellent gastronomy service, customers are able to find combinations of products that captivate their palate while gently inhaling the smoke of a Habano. “The privacy of the rooms allows visitors to create the perfect space to conquer and know the mild, medium and strong aroma of Cuban cigars.

“The dinner is part of a tradition that annually perform in honor of the Festival, for this we have the Vegas Robaina Restaurant and three cozy rooms, recently remodeled: Romeo and Juliet, Simon Bolivar and San Cristóbal de La Habana, named in courtesy three famous Cuban cigars, “Carilin Brito Rodríguez , head of the Business Unit, says.

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