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To keep the party on, we have another one for this week. A big party, a really Cuban one: Fiesta del Tambor. Gerardo Piloto and Klimax will lead this edition, dedicated to Brazil and with a lot of concerts in many places in Havana. As usual, look down.

In Music, another super event, the unique Descemer Bueno concert in Karl Marx theater. But there’s even more. Visual Arts proposes a Zenit Tatto event, attention ladies! In Theater, there’re three plays you can’t miss. In Dance, an appealing presentation in Centro Hispanoamericano de Cultura; and in FAC a little bit of everything.

Start now. Search first and find after. See you around!


A party for the drum

The XVII Edition of the International Contest and Festival Fiesta del Tambor “Guillermo Barrera in Memoriam” will begin next March 5th until 11th. Organized by drummer Giraldo Piloto, director of the Cuban orchestra Klimax, the event wil be a tribute to Brazil and its main locations will be Mella Theater (principal concerts), Gardens of Mella Theater, Casa de la Musica de Plaza and Salon Rosado de la Tropical. Full program here.

Will participate important Cuban and international musicians and percussionists, the main Cuban dance popular music bands, the most recognized dance companies in the country, jazz groups and folkloric groups. Percussion and Dance Master classes will be taught, and International Contests will take place: Percussion and Casino and Rumba dance, also national and international.

Unique concert

Descemer Bueno will be in concert today, at 8:30 pm, in Karl Marx Theater. Relevant Cuban musicians and bands will accompany the composer and interpreter. Some of them are Eliades Ochoa, Buena Fé, Carlos Varela and Spanish Tamara and La Dada.

Mi monte espiritual

Alejandro Falcon and Cubadentro will premier his album this Sunday, at 10 pm, in BuleBar 66.

Qva Libre in Viñales

Exclusive concert by Los Caballeros de la Noche in the Prehistorical Wall, Viñales. Tomorrow, at 10 pm.

Pauza in Tatagua

Electronic music night in Bar Restaurant Tatagua (Prado # 115 btw. Refugio and Genios, Havana), with DJs Pauza, tomorrow, at 11 pm.

Dj Pauza. Foto: Perfil en Facebook.
Dj Pauza. Foto: Perfil en Facebook.

Therapy with Cimafunk

Another night with Cimafunk, next Wednesday 7th, at 11 pm, in EFE Bar (23rd Ave. 3 605, btw. F and E, Vedado).

Foto: Cortesía Cimafunk.
Foto: Cortesía Cimafunk.

Returning to the roots

HAPE party today, from 7 pm to 1 am, in the Castle of Jardines de la Tropical. Don’t miss it!

Making trova

Women and tattoos

GRL PWR show inauguration with original tattoo designs created by young artist women. It will take place next Thursday 8th, at 11 am, in Zenit Tatoo (Calle 286 #114 btw. 1ra A and 1ra B, Santa Fe, La Habana). The show is about feminisms and feminine empowerment from Cuba and it’s focus in tattoos made to and for women in contemporary Cuba. They will also tattoo live. Don’t miss it.


Today, at 5 pm, will be inaugurated in Galeria Habana, personal expo Formalmente, by the artist Felipe Dulzaides. This is his forth exhibition in that gallery and includes paintings, draws, photos and installations.

Los hijos de Frankestein

This show by Alejandro Cordoves will be inaugurated today, at 3 pm, in Casa Benito Juarez.

“Los hijos de Frankestein resume an important period in the work of an artist embedded in constant experimentation. This show exemplifies his versatility working with different formats and topological variant unifying bowls, sculptures and installations”, wrote Surisday Reyes Martinez in the program expo.

Harry Potter: se acabó la magia

The play by Teatro El Publico, directed by Carlos Diaz, is still in in Trianon theater (Linea btw. Paseo and A, Vedado) every weekend, usual hours (Saturdays 8:30 pm and Sundays 5 pm).

Un puño en la boca

Premier in Buendia

Buendia theater company present the unipersonal Shylock, in corner Loma St. and 39, Nuevo Vedado, on weekends in usual hours.

Aire frío in Argos Teatro

The play Aire frio, written by Virgilio Piñera, comes back to the theater! Directed by Carlos Celdran with Argos Teatro, the play will be on billboard from today until the end of April in the company theater (Ayesteran and 20 de Mayo, Cerro), in usual hours.

Yuliet Cruz como Luz Marina Romaguera en "Aire frío". Foto: Enrique de la Osa.
Yuliet Cruz como Luz Marina Romaguera en “Aire frío”. Foto: Enrique de la Osa.

Let’s go to FAC

Friday, March 2nd

8:30pm: Contact Improvisation Class taught by dancer Aymara Villa. Nave 3.

9:30pm: Session DJ Producer: Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.

9:30pm: “Inevitable”. Choreograph by Rafael Daniel Doimeadios Sanchez. Nave 3.

11:00pm: La Trovuntivitis in concert. This is a bunch of trova artists from Santa Clara with similar music goals even though each one has an individual carrier. Some of them are: Rolu Berrio, Diego Gutierrez, Alain Garrido, Yunior Navarrete, Karel Fleites, Yaima Orozco e Irina Gonzalez. Nave 4.

12:00am: Open Jazz Jam with Juan Carlos Marin. With his CD “El trombon de Santa Amalia” (Colibri 2012), this musician debut as the principal jazz trombone player in Cuba. Nave 1.

Saturday, March 3rd

9:00pm: Fashion: Collection “Tania 2018”. Designer Karen Satin. It will be dedicated to the International Women Day. Nave 3.

10:00pm: Jose Luis Estrada (Cachivache) in concert. Singer- songwriter, guitarist and percussionist. Presents his new musical project fusion different Cuban popular music genres with trova elements, timba and jazz. He was the Orishas percussionist. Nave 1.

11:00pm: Gaston Joya in Concert. Nave 4.

11:30pm: Session DJ Producer: Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.

Sunday, March 4th

9:00pm: Play: Vaginas. Inspired in The Vagina Monologues by Eve Ensler. Perform: Monste Duany, Yordanka Ariosa and Linnett Hernandez. Directed by the well-known actor Osvaldo Doimeadios. Vagina’s placers and aches, and another processes are some of the topics discussed by three women in a self- reflection tone. Nave 3.

10:00pm: Trovador Hector Luis de Posada in concert. Nave 1.

10:30pm: DNA Music with Eme Alfonso. Nave 4.

11:00pm: Eme Alfonso in concert. Nace 4.

11:30pm: Session DJ Producer: Ivan Lejardi. Nave 1.

Three in one

Dance companies Rakatan, Ecos and Banrara will perform in the space La danza y sus estilos, happening every first Saturday of the month in Centro Hispanoamericano de Cultura. Tomorrow, at 5 pm, in Malecon 17 btw. Prado and Carcel. Tickets will be available one hour prior to the function.

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