I know one thing: that I know nothing…

I know people who think they know everything…. In the name of knowing everything and defending an opinion, judgment or viewpoint, many errors and even injustices have been committed, some of them irreparable or difficult to amend or compensate…. Acting like you know everything, when everybody or a large majority depends on your decisions, is irresponsible. I admit that in the past, I have been a victim of the “know-it-all” syndrome. The reality is that as long as our spirits are confined to this physical world, which we inhabit temporarily, we are all part of an odyssey of constant learning and rectification.

A few days ago, I was reading an article about indigo children. According to those who have known or studied them, indigo children are a new type of human being populating our planet; they possess an extraordinary intellect and a new state of universal awareness. These children supposedly represent a new human race, one that is more understanding and sensitive and less manipulative and authoritarian. Their mission is to tear apart social perceptions that hold humanity captive and paralyze our process of spiritual evolution, and in that way, through love and understanding, foster our transformation, extirpating and abolishing incomprehension and unhappiness on Earth.

If there is one thing that has struck me in all of these interviews and videos about these indigo children or “children of the light,” as some refer to them, it is the fact that love is referred to as a weapon for eliminating unhappiness, nourishing our souls and developing a new level of spiritual awareness, or cosmic consciousness.

I would like to think that these new beings with higher powers really do walk among us, charged with replacing misfortune and disgrace with happiness and good fortune, and selfish love with altruism. It puts me in a state of utmost bliss to reaffirm that love is the strongest force that prevails in the universe, and that these individuals are here to promote and impel feelings of peace and love; love as the only and absolute weapon of conquest, love for everything that surrounds us, everything that exists, and all that we are.

As Plato tells us in Socrates’ Apology, the old philosopher and teacher was aware of the ignorance that surrounded him and of his own ignorance, leading to that celebrated comment that I used as the headline for this editorial: “I know one thing: that I know nothing,” but I would add: except that I believe in love.



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