OnCuba Magazine 42nd Edition


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The Possible Dreams

“How easily does a person with imagination create a universe out of nothing”

Gustavo Adolfo Bécquer

“In times of crisis, only imagination is more important than knowledge”

Albert Einstein

Imagining, having the capacity to dream and the courage to make dreams come true; setting a goal even when others consider it unreachable; creating a project and going all the way to achieve it…. There is no greater inspiration than this.

Cubans have always used imagination. Otherwise, how could they have survived the shortages, the siege, the limitations?

For imagination to be productive it must be accompanied not just by inventiveness, creative power, willpower, the capacity to work, but also needed are knowledge, training, qualities which Cuba can boast of in all fairness.

The best thing a country with a poor economy, blockaded by the most powerful neighbor in the world, can do is develop individual and collective initiative, boost the possibility of creating, encourage prosperity, create the foundations for everyone to set goals for themselves that have an impact on a social level.

As in any modern society that tries to be just, the biggest challenge consists in that the personal goals contribute to the collective dreams, from the family, the neighborhood to all of society. Of course, development cannot exit there where individuals don’t find the context that activates their dreams and, furthermore, backs and promotes them.

In this issue of OnCuba you can read stories about persons who have fought against all odds to achieve their dreams. Today they are creators of beauty and common goods. I recommend the magazine to those who know Cuba as well as to those who approach the country for the first time. Let creativity always find sustenance! Let imagination always be possible!

Tahimi Aboleya

Directora editorial

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