OnCuba Magazine 15th Edition


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To all mothers (and mothers-in-law like mine) we present this edition of OnCuba. Our offerings include an up-close interview with Cuban actress Blanca Rosa Blanco; a tour of Santiago de Cuba’s Morro; the attractions of the “Art for Mom” arts and crafts fair in Havana in May; an analysis of Cubans’ divided passions for soccer and baseball; the work of visual artist Luis Enrique Camejo; and a different analysis of today’s Cuban economy based on the perspective of a young engineer who is an independent businessman.




Tahimi Aboleya

Directora editorial

As a child, I used to hear people say, “There are plenty of fathers, but there is only one mother….” I have no idea where this famous saying came from, that is, who came up with the idea of defending, supporting, and reaffirming the sacrifice and effort of mothers ...