Maylén Díaz Almaguer taken off from mechanical ventilation

The sole survivor of the plane crash of May 18 in Havana is being kept without assisted mechanical ventilation in the Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital where she was transferred around a month ago to follow up on her treatment after saving her life.

A medical report provided by the Cuban News Agency says that the lesions on the soft parts of her body continue under local intensive care with the aim of achieving the total formation of scar tissue.

“Work is underway to eliminate all the infection as a consequence of the days of natural evolution of a polytrauma of great importance, the sustained anti-polymicrobic therapy and the state of immunological incompetence.”

Maylén Díaz Almaguer, 19, has an “adequate state of conscience, is cooperating and communicates with the medical team and her family in a system of permanent companion.”

The young woman, says the medical report, “still has the neurological damage from a bone-marrow lesion at a cervical level.”

A long article in the newspaper Juventud Rebelde a few days ago revealed for the first time important details of her evolution through the testimony of members of the medical team that treated her in the Calixto García Hospital.

It was known that Díaz Almaguer, due to the bone-marrow lesion, is now paraplegic and that her left leg had had to be amputated at the knee.

The patient currently continues being reported as critical, and she is being treated by a multidisciplinary group from the Hermanos Ameijeiras Hospital and other healthcare institutions.

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