Havana symphony

What is the perfect photo in Havana? Is the image reflected in its multiple dimensions? Does the comprehensive vision of a motley reality? The perfect picture of Havana, will be the concrete city
– And – stone upon the dream city, glimpsed, sublimated? What to photograph of Havana to find the symbol?

The blatant and motley streets, which are lost in the misty distance of the sun on the asphalt? Does the sheer line the Malecon, the plastic succession of iconic buildings? A tenement building? An almendrón?
A game of dominoes in the corner? The so vertical obelisk of the Square? The sets of doors and columns of the old city ? The sea breaking on the rocks of the coast? The Prado lions Prado? The sheets in doorways ? the child chasing pigeons in San Francisco? the queue at Coppelia ? the colorful markets ? the dirty sidewalks ? Is the lighthouse and Morro? Havana from the lighthouse of the El Morro? people sitting on the benches ? people crossing the street? people riding on the buses ? People?

Clearly, there is not a perfect picture of Havana. There may be hundreds, thousands, even millions. What singular privilege to live in one of the most photographed cities in the world! What an adventure
Deep into her throbbing guts! What overwhelming homesickness to remember in the distance! The perfect image of Havana is personal; it is our particular vision, which is braided with that of many other people in a wonderful symphony. These pictures are an example

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