LABIOFAM to present results on cancer research

From Wednesday September 18 through 20 LABIOFAM Business Group specialists will hold an international symposium at the Hotel Nacional in Havana to show the results achieved in the implementation of antitumor recombinant peptides. Undoubtedly, it will be a step forward in a race to stop the high mortality the disease causes.

With the event they will try to get funding for the development of peptide in foreign countries. On the opening day, they will show all the technology and development achieved in this research to fight cancer, because this is an active principle, ready to make a final product. During the next day they will present the results of applying the natural peptide in brain tumors.

José A. Fraga Castro, director of LABIOFAM, in a meeting with the press months ago, said, “This is a product whose active ingredient has a high selectivity and destructive capacity of the malignant cell. It is possible to engage two mechanisms of action: apoptosis and selective necrosis, leading to the destruction and disappearance of the tumor. “

The studies were carried out on white mice (known as naked, since they lack hairs). Once they  implant in rodents human cancer cells they then deposit in the body of the animal the peptide in live assays. After nine days of treatment the malignant tumor was reduced about 90% compared to those untreated mice that had been injected with malignant cells as well.

According to Alexis Díaz García, one of the leading scientists involved in the project, there were several preclinical tests on selected mice which developed toxicology. However, after ensuring that these rodents had excellent health and the tumor shrank, it can be argued that from the toxicological point it is out of problems”.

“Then, we ran other pharmaco-dynamic assessments to finally go to trial in humans with all warranties and certified elements by relevant health institutions. By having the active ingredient we can talk about a very interesting perspective versus malignant tumor processes, including the responses we have had benign tumors, Diaz Garcia said.



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