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In March 2016, a few days after President Barack Obama visited Cuba, Anthony Scaramucci arrived in the office of OnCuba magazine in Havana.

He came not wearing a tie and left with his hair slightly a mess because of the wind on the ninth-floor terrace. Despite the fact that he was with his back to the light, the photo that accompanied the interview we published then showed him smiling, pleased at having Havana in the background.

That day, a bit over a year ago, Scaramucci felt proud and without euphoria spoke of the importance of the new steps in relations between Cuba and the United States,

Referring to the policy of normalization he said that it was the biggest story in the west in 2016 and the most exciting financial event is that Cuba’s economy has integrated with that of the United States, he added.

That morning Scaramucci was a successful businessman of Italian origin, born on Long Island, New York, a leader in financial investments, philanthropist and host of the economic forum in which top-level global figures in the sphere of business and politics meet every year to describe the future they have decided to shape.

But starting this morning Scaramucci is, in addition to all this, the White House Communications Director.

He has been appointed by the inextricable President Donald Trump who described him as a killer capable of putting a plug on the most incisive means of communication.

(Of course, he will need much more aplomb and imagination to intercede in the war between Trump and the mainstream U.S. press.)

When looking at the scene, one cannot but ask what opinions on Cuba Scaramucci could “pass on” to Trump, who has recently proclaimed a revision/rollback of the policy promoted by Obama.

This “killer,” who has declared today in front of a crowd of journalists his unrestricted admiration – his love, he said-, his loyalty and his trust in Trump, could also have – who knows? – a license to opine about Cuba in front of the President, in a tone different from that used by the Marco Rubio hardliners.

— Anthony Scaramucci (@Scaramucci) 4 de mayo de 2016

Perhaps he could tell him, as he told us in 2016: “When I saw that the U.S. policy of rapprochement was heading to reconciliation and the ease of the embargo, I started to get in touch with people to get an idea of whether it was really possible to implement my projects here. Many things have changed since I came to the island in 2012.”

Perhaps he could insist on that such “American” idea that he spoke to us about that day: timing is everything.

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