Díaz Canel: 15 quotes from his first speech

In his first public address as Cuba’s Head of State, Miguel Díaz-Canel gave a speech confirming that his presidency will be marked by continuity. He fundamentally spoke of the Cuban Revolution and the legacy of its leaders, and used phrases by Silvio Rodríguez and Fidel Castro. He spoke little about the future of the island, and briefly about its present.

These are 15 quotes as a mode of summary:

“I’m not here to promise anything.”

“The mandate given by the people to this legislature is the continuity of the Revolution.”

“We consider we must maintain the unity that has characterized us all these years.”

“Raúl will head the most important decisions for the present and the future.”

“For us it is totally clear that only the PCC guarantees the Cuban nation’s unity and is the honorable heir of the people’s trust in its leaders.”

“There is no space for a transition that destroys what has been achieved during so many years.”

“It falls on us to be more creative in the discussion of our truths.”

“…lies reign today on the world internet.”

“…the prosperity we owe to ourselves and which we will have to conquer sooner than later.”

“I know of the expectations that a moment like this one creates among our fellow citizens.”

“Cuba’s foreign policy will remain unalterable and Cuba will not make concessions nor will it accept conditionings.”

“We will always be willing to dialogue with those who desire to do so will respect.”

“It falls on us to correct mistakes and avoid improvisations that annoy the population.”

“Outside there’s a world that is looking at us with more questions than certainties, which has heard that the Revolution ends with its guerrillas.”

“The Revolution continues ready for all battles, the first to overcome our own indiscipline and mistakes.”

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