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Donald J. Trump, president of the United States

Starting next January 20, 2017 the United States will be governed by the recently elected President Donald J. Trump, a 70-year-old Republican, and probably one of the most controversial politicians the country has ever had.

After an already historic day, a businessman who against all forecasts became the Republican Party’s nominee, and which very few dared to give as a winner, got the majority of the popular vote and the 270 electoral votes necessary to surpass his Democratic opponent Hillary Clinton.

Mike Pence (57), his running partner, will cover the post of vice president.

Trump will get to the White House with a Congress dominated by a Republican majority, which is interpreted as a great privilege that will probably allow him to have a free hand to modify several domestic or foreign policies of his predecessor Barack Obama.



The markets react

During the night of last November 8 and as the majority of the votes in favor of the Republican nominee were confirmed in different states of the Union, the markets started to show a strong fall.

Wall Street was collapsing around midnight local time and the Dow Jones futures of industrialists lost more than 760 points or 4.17 percent. The futures of the S&P 500 also saw a strong drop (-5.01 percent) as well as those of the Nasdaq (-5.08 percent). The feeling of nervousness also reached Asia, where the Tokyo stock exchange fell by more than 1,000 points and 6 percent in the final stretch of the session.

The Mexican peso, considered by experts as an indicator of the market’s feeling about Trump’s possibilities, lost around 12 percent with respect to the dollar. The Mexican currency has strongly oscillated in recent months following the movement of the polls and surveys about the U.S. elections, after Trump promised to renegotiate the commercial agreement with its neighbor to the south.

Texas oil, a reference in the United States, also descended: while stocks that were considered securities, like gold, clearly went up (4.38 percent).



Moving to Canada


The official Canadian Citizenship and Immigration website collapsed during the night of the vote tallying, seemingly due to the great number of persons seeking information to leave the United States.

This site generally offers ways of applying to live or to become a Canadian citizen.

Moving to this country implies applying for permanent residence in it. There is a gamut of different types of citizenship, the majority of which require that the person go to work or to live with his/her family.


The certainty that Donald Trump would be the new president of the United States has generated a wave of anxiety among his opponents.

The New York Times, based on surveys at the ballot boxes, analyzed that the 2016 elections show changes in the voting behavior according to demographic characteristics.

  1. Trump won a great many of the votes of whites without a university degree. Trump won more counties (80 percent) where less than 10 percent of the population is a high school graduate.
  1. The support of the parties dramatically changed, in almost all the income levels.
  1. The support for Clinton by the different minorities decreased with respect to the 2012 elections.
  1. Trump won the men’s votes and barely lost women’s votes.


Rubio reelected; Curbelo as well

Marco Rubio, a Republican of Cuban origin, who confronted Trump for his party’s presidential nomination, “ran” and won. He will keep his seat in the Senate for Florida as he won the elections against Democratic candidate Patrick Murphy.

Rubio got 4,792,484 votes (52 percent) as compared to his Democratic opponent’s 4,070,971 (44 percent).

Meanwhile, the representative for Circuit 26 of Florida, Carlos Curbelo, who was running against Democrat Joe García, ran and won.

Both politicians concur with the so-called anti-Castro hardliners in Congress and have repeatedly expressed their opposition to the policy of normalization that the governments of Raúl Castro and Barack Obama have promoted since the 17D of 2014.


The Cuban vote in Florida?

Hillary Clinton got 63.6 percent of the votes in the Miami Date country, where more than 45 percent of the Cubans in the United States are concentrated. Donald Trump only got 34.1 percent.

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HORRIBLE turn of events. But let me correct something quick – Hillary is expected, when the count is finished, to win the popular vote by more than 1,5 million votes. She would have been the winner anywhere else. The president of the USA will soon be a worthless buffoon, with a terrible history. Priorities now are avoiding a nuclear war and an environmental disaster. No words can express the magnitude of this blunder by the American system. USA is no longer a great country.


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