Eight people arrested for selling enrollment exams

Five pre-college teachers, one methodologist, a worker from the Ministry of Education (MINED) and another person not engaged in this sector are being held as part of the fraud investigation that led to twelfth grade students to repeat the Mathematics test for admission to higher education.

According to a statement signed by the Ministries of Education, Higher Education (MES) and the Ministry of the Interior of Cuba (MININT), these people were directly involved in the leak and sale of the tests, which were stolen, including the Spanish and History tests, by an employee of a printing house of the MES.

The five teachers involved marketed the tests by selling them or charging for the service of reviewing the leaked materials. In the event, the communication that national media publishes, also participated “some families who paid the purchase the tests or paid for the reviews” and “students who knowingly benefited from these practices.”

The statement added that at present the Attorney General’s Office is working in obtaining the evidence for presentation in court.

After the Math test on May 6, information was unveiled about the leak of it between several pre-university students in Havana. Days later, rumors were confirmed in a message from MES and National Enrollment Committee, which reported the change in the Spanish and History tests within hours of its application in the capital and nullified the results of the first test.

The Mathematics test was repeated on Monday, May 26 at the same sites in the initial call.




It shows that the Cuban government is serious in preventing the country from following the level of fraud and corruption typical of the U.S. and other societies that promote and celebrate individualism and selfishness, contrary to the values solidarity and social commitment that the Cuban revolution has struggled to uphold and defend.


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