Trump’s restrictions on travel to and business with Cuba take effect


The travel to Cuba restrictions and ban on doing business with certain enterprises on the island announced in June by President Donald Trump will go into effect this Thursday, the U.S. government announced today.

The Department of the Treasury today published the new regulations for travel to and commerce with Cuba, which will be immediately implemented as part of Trump’s decision to freeze the normalization of bilateral relations undertaken by his predecessor in the White House, Barack Obama.

“We have strengthened our Cuba policies to channel economic activity away from the Cuban military and to encourage the government to move toward greater political and economic freedom for the Cuban people,” said U.S. Secretary of the Treasury Steven Mnuchin.

As Trump had already advanced in his June 16 speech in Miami in which he announced the changes in the policy toward the island, starting now Americans will be banned from making transactions with Cuban entities controlled by military, intelligence and security services.

On the other hand, individual trips by U.S. citizens to the island for people-to-people contacts that do not have an academic character will no longer be permitted, according to the Department of the Treasury.

However, some of those trips, previously permitted, can be carried out if the person bought the plane ticket or booked accommodations before last June 16.

As to the so-called “people-to-people trips,” the U.S. government will demand starting now that they meet the requirement of a full-time schedule and they imply a genuine interaction with individuals in Cuba.

The new regulations will be published this Thursday in the U.S. Federal Register and will take effect immediately.

Settling debts

Trump promised during his electoral campaign that he would tighten the policy toward Cuba and, although he hasn’t broken diplomatic relations, reestablished under the mandate of Obama, he has made it clear that he backs the economic embargo imposed more than half a century ago on the island.

Relations have become even tenser after the alleged acoustic attacks that, according to the U.S., have caused physical symptoms to 24 U.S. diplomats posted in Havana, while Cuba accuses the United States of lying with respect to this.

Because of the alleged attacks, the Department of State has withdrawn more than half of its personnel in Havana, expelled two-thirds of the officials of the Cuban embassy in Washington and advised Americans to not travel to Cuba.

The list

These are the entities and sub-entities with which starting Thursday the U.S. government forbids any direct financial transaction:


MINFAR — Ministry of the Revolutionary Armed Forces

MININT — Ministry of the Interior

Joint ventures:

CIMEX —CIMEX S.A. Corporation

Habaguanex S.A. Tourist Company

GAESA — Business Administration Group S.A.

Gaviota —Gaviota Tourism Group

UIM —Military Industry Conglomerate

Hotels in Havana:

Aparthotel Montehabana (Habaguanex)

Gran Hotel Manzana Kempinski (Gaviota)

H10 Habana Panorama (Gaviota)

Hostal Valencia (Habaguanex)

Hotel Ambos Mundos (Habaguanex)

Hotel Armadores de Santander (Habaguanex)

Hotel Beltrán de Santa Cruz (Habaguanex)

Hotel Conde de Villanueva (Habaguanex)

Hotel del Tejadillo (Habaguanex)

Hotel el Bosque (Habaguanex)

Hotel el Comendador (Habaguanex)

Hotel el Mesón de la Flota (Habaguanex)

Hotel Florida (Habaguanex)

Hotel Habana 612 (Habaguanex)

Hotel Kohly (Habaguanex)

Hotel Los Frailes (Habaguanex)

Hotel Marqués de Prado Ameno (Habaguanex)

Hotel Palacio del Marqués de San Felipe and

Hotel Palacio O’Farrill (Habaguanex)

Hotel Park View (Habaguanex)

Hotel Raquel (Habaguanex)

Hotel San Miguel (Habaguanex)

Hotel Telégrafo (Habaguanex)

Hotel Terral (Habaguanex)

Memories Miramar Havana (Gaviota)

Memories Miramar Montehabana (Gaviota)

Santiago de Bejucal (Habaguanex)

Hotels in Santiago de Cuba:

Villa Gaviota Santiago (Gaviota)

Hotels in Varadero:

Blau Marina Varadero Resort (Gaviota)

Grand Memories Varadero (Gaviota)

Iberostar Laguna Azul (Gaviota)

Iberostar Playa Alameda (Gaviota)

Meliá Marina Varadero (Gaviota)

Meliá Peninsula Varadero (Gaviota)

Memories Varadero (Gaviota)

Naviti Varadero (Gaviota)

Ocean Varadero El Patriarca (Gaviota)

Ocean Vista Azul (Gaviota)

Paradisus Princesa del Mar (Gaviota)

Paradisus Varadero (Gaviota)

Sol Sirenas Coral (Gaviota)

Hotels in Pinar del Río:

Hotel Villa Cabo de San Antonio (Gaviota)

Hotel Villa Maria La Gorda y Centro Internacional de Buceo (Gaviota)

Hotels in Baracoa:

Hostal 1511 (Gaviota)

Hostal La Habanera (Gaviota)

Hostal La Rusa (Gaviota)

Hostal Rio Miel (Gaviota)

Hotel El Castillo (Gaviota)

Hotel Porto Santo (Gaviota)

Villa Maguana (Gaviota)

Hotels on Villa Clara keys:

Dhawa Cayo Santa María (Gaviota)

Hotel Cayo Santa María (Gaviota)

Hotel Playa Cayo Santa María (Gaviota)

Iberostar Ensenachos (Gaviota)

Meliá Buenavista (Gaviota)

Meliá Cayo Santa María (Gaviota)

Meliá Las Dunas (Gaviota)

Memories Azul (Gaviota)

Memories Flamenco (Gaviota)

Memories Paraíso (Gaviota)

Ocean Casa del Mar (Gaviota)

Royalton Cayo Santa María (Gaviota)

Sol Cayo Santa María (Gaviota)

Villa Las Brujas (Gaviota)

Warwick Cayo Santa María (Gaviota)

Hotels in Holguín:

Blau Costa Verde Beach & Resort (Gaviota)

Hotel Playa Costa Verde (Gaviota)

Hotel Playa Pesquero (Gaviota)

Memories Holguín (Gaviota)

Paradisus Río de Oro Resort & Spa (Gaviota)

Playa Costa Verde (Gaviota)

Playa Pesquero Premium Service (Gaviota)

Sol Rio de Luna y Mares (Gaviota)

Villa Cayo Naranjo (Gaviota)

Villa Cayo Saetia (Gaviota)

Villa Pinares de Mayari (Gaviota)

Hotels on Jardines del Rey:

Hotel Playa Coco Plus (Gaviota)

Iberostar Playa Pilar (Gaviota)

Meliá Jardines del Rey (Gaviota)

Memories Caribe (Gaviota)

Pestana Cayo Coco (Gaviota)

Hotels in Topes de Collantes:

Hostal Los Helechos (Gaviota)

Los Helechos (Gaviota)

Villa Caburni (Gaviota)

Tourist agencies:

Crucero del Sol

Gaviota Tours


Marina Gaviota Cabo de San Antonio (Pinar del Rio)

Marina Gaviota Cayo Coco (Jardines del Rey)

Marina Gaviota Las Brujas (Villa Clara keys)

Marina Gaviota Puerto Vita (Holguín)

Marina Gaviota Varadero (Varadero)

Shops in Old Havana:

Casa del Abanico (Habaguanex)

Colección Habana (Habaguanex)

Florería Jardín Wagner (Habaguanex flower shop)

Joyería Coral Negro (CIMEX jewelry shop) – Additional locations throughout Cuba

La Casa del Regalo (Habaguanex)

San Ignacio 415 (Habaguanex)

Soldadito de Plomo (Habaguanex)

Tienda El Navegante (Habaguanex)

Tienda Muñecos de Leyenda (Habaguanex)

Tienda Museo El Reloj Cuervo y Sobrinos (Habaguanex)

Defense and security sectors entities:

ACERPROT — Security and Protection Certification and Consultancy Agency

AGROMIN — Ministry of the Interior Agricultural and Livestock Business Group

APCI — Agency for Protection against Fires

CAHOMA —Comandante Ernesto Che Guevara Military-Industrial Company

CASEG —Transporte Occidente Military-Industrial Company

CID NAV — Center for Naval Research and Development

CIDAI — Center for Research and Development of Infantry Weapons

CIDAO — Center for Research and Development of Artillery Weapons and Optic and Electronic Optic Instruments

CORCEL —Emilio Bárcenas Pier Military-Industrial Company

CUBAGRO — Marketing and Export Company for Agricultural and Livestock and Agribusiness Products

DATYS — Company for the Development of Applications, Technologies and Systems

DCM TRANS — Center for Research and Development of Transport

DEGOR —Desembarco del Granma Military-Industrial Company

DSE — Department of State Security

EMIAT —Import-Export Company for Technical Supplies

Astilleros Astimar Military-Industrial Company

Astilleros Centro Military-Industrial Company

Yuri Gagarin Military-Industrial Company

ETASE —Transportation and Insurance Company

TRASVAL Hardware Store

GELCOM —Grito de Baire Center for Research and Development

Impresos de Seguridad

MECATRONICS — Center for Research and Development of Electronics and Mechanics

NAZCA —Granma Military-Industrial Company

OIBS — Organization of Integration for Social Welfare

PLAMEC —Ignacio Agramonte Military-Industrial Company

PNR —National Revolutionary Police

PROVARI — Various Productions Company

SEPSA — Specialized Protection Services

SIMPRO — Center for Research and Development of Simulators

TECAL —Alternative Technologies Company

TECNOPRO —G.B. Francisco Cruz Bourzac Military-Industrial Company

TECNOTEX — Cuban Export and Import Company of Services, Specialized Technical Articles and Products

TGF — Border Guard Troops

UAM —Military Agricultural and Livestock Conglomerate

ULAEX — Latin American Conglomerate of Explosives

XETID — Defense Information Technologies Company

YABO —Coronel Francisco Aguiar Rodríguez Military-Industrial Company

Additional CIMEX sub-entities:

ADESA /ASAT — Customs Services Agency




ECUSE — Cuban Services Company

CIMEX Real Estate

CIMEX Investments


La Maison


Publicitaria Imagen

Ron Caney

Ron Varadero



Specialized Logistics and Commerce Zone (ZELCOM)

Additional GAESA sub-entities:

Almacenes Universales (AUSA shops)

ANTEX —Antillana Export Corporation

Mariel Integrated Projects Department (DIP)

Empresa Inmobiliaria Almest (Real Estate)



Sociedad Mercantil Inmobiliaria Caribe (Real Estate)


Havana Container Terminal (TCH)

Mariel Container Terminal S.A.

UCM — Military Construction Conglomerate

Mariel Special Development Zone (ZEDM)

Development and Logistic Activities Special Zone (ZEDAL)

Additional Gaviota sub-entities:

AT Comercial

Manzana de Gómez


Producciones TRIMAGEN S.A. (Trimagen shops)

Additional Habaguanex sub-entities:

Sociedad Mercantil Cubana Inmobiliaria Fenix S.A. (Real Estate)

The Bureau of Economic and Business Affairs specifies that the entities or sub-entities owned or controlled by another entity or sub-entity of those included on this list are not treated as restricted, unless they are also specified by name on the list.

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