An Equestrian Club for an Auction of Excellence

The Havana Equestrian Club, located in Lenin Park, 12 kilometers from the capital and adjacent to the Horseback Riding School, is an installation equipped to show visitors the skills of the horses trained there, as well as holding the usual International Elite Auction of Show Jumping Horses.

The center has capacity for more than 115 stabled horses, a trained staff and Cuba’s best riders. It also has a comfortable country motel, a shop of equestrian goods and a gastronomic complex featuring typical Cuban food.

Since 2009 the center has been hosting and organizing every year the famous auction, the company’s star event. Its 8th edition will take place February 12-15 next year, during which some 30 specimens will be auctioned, between mounted horses and in freedom, of the Dutch Warmblood  Horse breed. The participants, who arrive from diverse parts of the world, will appreciate during the first two days the skills and physical conditions of the specimens being auctioned. This next edition will allow for showing the results and strengths in the development of the equestrian sport in Cuba in recent years. Thanks to the specialists’ great effort and dedication, 17 breeds are already being reproduced in Cuba, among them the Arab, Cuban pinto, Cuban step, Cuban trot, quarter horse and the much in demand Dutch Warmblood.

In order to provide a good show, in each auction the Equestrian Club has the collaboration of recognized Cuban cultural entities that guarantee a collateral program of exhibitions and sale of works of art, souvenirs allegorical to the equestrian sport, crafts, music and other typical national products.

The income collected by this project, which is also sponsored by the Alcona marketing company and the Ecotur S.A. Travel Agency, is dedicated to the Equine Genetic National Program, to the development of equine therapy and to projects for the conservation of the country’s equine genetic fund.

The auction will once again show the country’s potentials in this sector, together with the vigorous growth in the reproduction and development of breed horses.

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Bernie Owens

13 August, 2016

How do I find out more on the horse auction? I think I would like to attend.
I am located in Canada.

The Clearing Farm

13 September, 2016

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