Cheerleaders in Havana!

In just one week cheerleaders will take by assault the Cuban capital to turn it between October 30 and November 1, into the venue of the IV Pan American Cheerleading and Dance Championships.

Just familiar with these practices through cinema, Cubans will enjoy cheerleader from six countries of the continent and at least two guests (Germany and Japan) perform,  although certainly the great absentees will be the Americans, recognized worldwide for their tradition and exquisite executions in the discipline.

Dania Garcia, methodologist of the National Physical Culture and Health Promotion, explained that the possibility of organizing the event came up with a proposal by Peruvian teachers, who in 2013 taught a course in this area for Cuban specialists; and in recognition of the Cuban experience in hosting major sporting events.

The scenario for this fourth continental competitions edition will be the Sports City Coliseum, which has hosted for more than five decades the most varied sports and cultural events.

Event´s organizers already confirmed the presence of teams representing Ecuador (current defending champion), Venezuela, Peru, Guatemala, Colombia and Cuba; meanwhile, the athletes from Japan and Germany will participate in the convened categories for the Open.

Garcia explained that the preparation for the event of cheerleading has been complex, because Cuba does not have much experience in this regard, despite having come a long way in terms of gymnastic compositions. In this regard, it was necessary “to study specific techniques that govern the discipline in the world, and although we are only in the beginning we expect a good performance by the Cubans” she said.

Referring to the technical aspects she added that it is not only at stake the originality of the choreography, but the staging, for “to get a good grade is necessary to combine several factors: choreography, gymnastic elements, acrobatic, great pyramids, raising, launches … but all with great protection for athletes. “

To judge the performances of the teams, a two justices of the Pan-American Federation and an equal number from the World Federation of Cheerleading, who will have the responsibility to evaluate the three convened modalities: Bars (very similar to large gymnastic compositions settled with 50 members per team), cheerleading teams (composed of 12 cheerleaders) and Cheerdance (mixing dance beats with this specialty).

The schedule of activities will have its peak on Saturday November 1, date devoted solely to the competitive tournament and will open its doors at 10:00 am and then adjourn and restart the finals starting at 3:00 pm

The experience will be certainly novel and spectacular with performances outside of the ordinary for a public who attend for the first time this type of competition in Cuba when the next November 1 artistic beauty, choreography and timing of cheerleaders take by assault the capital Cuban.

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