Carlos Orlando Leon never missed a day’s training

Carlos Orlando León gets up every day with the thought of not giving up. He left Cuba a year and three months ago and has not skipped a single training session since.

The young 5’ 11” talent of 23 only played for Cienfuegos in two National Series. Now, the infielder is represented by Edgar Mercedes of Born to Play, and, according to sources, is the interest of various Major League organizations.

“It was clear that I should spend more time playing in Cuba and try to get better results and better figures because these statistics are worth much more here. However, I was in a difficult situation, the economy, you know how it is and I didn’t have any other option but to try my luck and make a sacrifice for a dream and for the good of my family,” he told OnCuba after having played a little time at the highest level of the Cuban League.

Factors like the near-mass exodus of baseball players from Cienfuegos helped the promising shortstop’s exit: “Of course the departure of my teammates has a psychological effect on me, but with the help of my family I made my own decision.”

León’s trigger would begin with the Cienfuegos Elephants in the 52 Series where he did not make it into batter’s box and then after a brief participation in the 53rd Series where he built up an offensive line of 192/224/247 with four doubles and eight runs batted in.

“Things are going well right now. I’m working hard towards my goal. We’ll get there fighting, there’s no other way. I have various teams interested in me. I’ve played third and second base. Also shortstop. It’s a difficult process,” said the infielder who has attracted the attention of various Big League organizations.

Carlos Orlando León had to wait for nine months without being able to present himself to the MBL teams. Despite this, he never lost hope and kept focused on his objectives.

How does a Cuban baseball player like you that has waited so long in the Dominican Republic feel? What makes you get up every day without feeling demoralized and carry on?

“What held me back the most was the papers, but I didn’t give up on training and fighting for my dreams for even one day. I’m focused on my goal and every day I fight to get there,” he answered.

“I tell you that it’s difficult to be separated from your loved ones for so long. But I get up and fight everyday with the support of my family and the support of the people who look after me on and off the pitch, for which I am very thankful,” he added.

The Cienfuegos native did not have the opportunity to make the team in Cuba in the minor leagues but he always kept himself as player with good progression. Currently, he is scoring 6.4 in 60 yards and demonstrating various offensive abilities.

“In reality, I work on everything, every day. Although I prioritize the defense but the maturity of the trainers and the support of the trainers has brought me the good results that I’m currently enjoying. Today’s sacrifice is tomorrow’s success and is the desire to get to my goal,” he said.

After developing great strength and consistency in his batting and training everyday with the hope of becoming a professional, Carlos Orlando hopes to have the opportunity to sign in the next months. He is another Cuban talent hoping to make it to the Major Leagues.

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