Cuban stars in Miami


Orlando El Duque Hernández, his brother Liván, Yadel Martí, Enriquito Díaz: baseball players who played in Cuba and in the Major Leagues, met this January 6 in the Seventh Meet of the Cuban Stars.

For the fans, beyond the sports aspect, it was the occasion to meet their idols, take pictures with them and have them autograph a ball. The Orientales won 5 runs over Occidentales’ 3, backed in the pitching by Yosbel Cancino and a double base by Alay Soler to give a boost to two homeruns. The defeat was for Osvaldo Fernández, according to El Nuevo Herald.

“This game is always a present for the Latin and Cuban fans in Miami and we didn’t want it to stop happening,” said Rafael Milanés, at the head of the organization of the traditional friendly game in Tamiami Park.

It was a fiesta in the sports complex located on Miami’s South West’s Coral Way Avenue, belonging to the Florida International University.

“Today we’re going to sign as many balls as possible; we’re going to take all the pictures we can. Today is one more day for you, the fans, than for us,” said El Duque.

Jorge Luis Toca, Ángel López, Osvaldo Fernández, Andy Morales, Daniel Crespo, Yobal Dueñas, Alain Soler and Euclides Rojas were there. Leonardo Tamayo, Juan Bravo and popular sportscaster Yiky Quintana were also seen there.

“This is something that’s very pretty that shouldn’t die. For me it is a special day and I know that it’s the same for the fans. We all lived a bit more surrounded by memory and love,” said Liván Hernández.



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