Doping: I suspect therefore I am

In Rio they will carry out 4,500 urine and blood tests.

Really we will have to wait between four and eight more years to know how the story will definitely go for the table of medals in some Olympic Games, with this issue of the plague of doping and reanalyses saved for all this time.

Right now the Ukrainian javelin thrower, Oleksandr Pyatnytsya has been ordered to return his silver medal that he won at London 2012 after returning a positive result in the “re-test” of his sample that revealed the presence of the anabolic steroid “dehydrochlormethyltestosterona” (a good name for a reguetón song). The athlete, 31, was second in those Games with a throw of 84.51 meters, seven centimetres behind the winner, Keshorn Walcott of Trinidad and Tobago. Those who were behind these two have been notified that they have gone up a step.

The same thing happened to the retired Yipsi Moreno, who, when he least expected it, was called a few days ago and notified that he had a chance to become Olympic champion in the hammer throw when after eight years the event they discovered that the Belarusian Aksana Miankova had cheated. And in these rules, established by journalism, the gold position is determined immediately. If not, they look back to see how sometimes a country with a single golden metal is placed over another that might have achieved ten silver medals.

More evidence of sporting potential is the number of finalists in various disciplines.

The “frozen” defenestrations continue, and these hours the black list is growing: A fellow countryman of Miankova, from the same test and with the same substance was also discovered, but this one added a little stanozolol to the “cocktail” to make a difference. Pavel Kryvitksi had finished in 28th place London 2012.

What a problem this sets for the institutions that set forecasts! For example, in Cuba the goald of beating the two previous Olympic has been promoted, but in the case of Beijing 2008, Cuba finished in 28th place but with Moreno’s delayed consecration the island would rise to 18th in the “final” table… So what is the place to beat? The before or after?

Look what the cheaters cause…With the million spent on catching them many sports schools could be created by the inhospitable places of the world. “I suspect therefore I am” is the maxim.

A few hours ago the weightlifters Hripsime Khurshudyan of Armenia and Nurcan Taylan of Turkey, have also tested positive in the re-examination of Beijing-08. The Armenian girl had already raised the red light on the reanalysis of London for which she could lose her bronze medal in the 75 kg.The Turkish man on the other hand was not an unknown: in Athens-04  he was champion in the 48 kg. Both strongman and strongwoman, are united today by stanozolol.

With today’s new technologies I do not know what would have happened with the urine and red blood cells of the games of yesteryear. I do not mean the ancient Games of 393 when the Roman emperor Theodosius lost patience and banned them “because of the focus on cheating” and began removing laurel crowns and other perks. And major trademarks or television deals, or nationalisms, Cold Wars…none of them had even arrived on the scene then.

So much ink spent on the cheater’s image!

A total of 98 positive have emerged from the re-examination of 200,000 samples from Beijing and London. Until now only two have been officially confirmed and had their medals withdrawn by the IOC, both of them women weightlifters: Yulia Kalina, 58kg category, Ukrainian – Bronze in London and Sibel Ozkan, 48kg category, Turkish – Silver in Beijing, the Games where 23 medallists have been found to have adverse test result in a second series of “re-tests” conducted last month, predominantly focused on athletes who took the Chinese podium.

The IOC has said that 30 athletes coming from four sports and eight national Olympic committees. Many of the cases have already been released by National Olympic Committees or International Federations. In majority of them, the public know their identities.

The names of the 98 positive tests from the reanalysis will not be confirmed until after the 2016 Games, as the legal process with the athletes involved continues, case by case. With this revelation it does not looks like the Court of Arbitration for Sport will be unemployed. As a rule, the athlete always pleads not guilty. Unfortunately for some of those who commit the violation, naivety or carelessness also has a price, when at times the international medical examiners even turn up unexpectedly at their door to take samples… Each athlete has his “anti-doping passport” where s/he records the season’s tests as if it were a Cuban “ration card”.

Nor do the Paralympic escape. Russia has shuddered once more with the confirmation that all of its competitors have been suspended from their games that will be held between 7 and 18 September, also in Rio.

Some lash out against an alleged “State doping “. The condemned say that this is political revenge. Others stay away.



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