From Boston to Havana, for friendship and revenge

The hour of revenge is near, at least for veterans Eastern Massachusetts Senior Softball Association (EMASS) who seek revenge on the four straight losses they suffered in Boston at the end of August to Cuban baseball senior stars, including the legendary Pedro Chavez.

Michael Eizenberg , founder of the organization “Educational Travel Alliance ” and of this sports bridge between Cuba and the United States, confirmed OnCuba that everything was ready for the continuation in Havana of these friendly  matches that began in November 2009, when Teofilo Stevenson threw the first pitch .

These events have been characterized by close games and rivers of adrenaline that rejuvenate players who even are over 70 years of age. In addition , last year and this Veterans of Cuba were to play in Boston, not as sporting rivals, but as old friends, literally.

“A great friendship between the Cuban and American players has been born, even though very few speak the language of the other,”  Eizenberg, catcher, third baseman and center fielder of EMASS team told OnCuba.

Another detail: the Americans host in their own places Cubans when they play in Boston. According to Gary Siegel, host of two visitors, “on the ground we are competitive as hell and we want to win, but after the game is all fun. The relationships we have developed are wonderful, “he said.

In the latest match, held in Massachusetts, Cubans recovered from on two straight defeats and won the following four games in a row, leaning on glories as Tony Gonzalez, Reinaldo “Mantecao” Linares and the “novice” Chavez.

The duel will continue in Cuba, in the last week of October. Our director, Hugo Cancio, will throw the first ball in Havana to continue this initiative which OnCuba will offer full coverage of. More details in an upcoming interview with Eizenberg, the main promoter in the United States.

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