Hope for the future lies on a Cuban arm

The MLB 2013 season had not started and a Cuban generated a thousand of opinions among baseball experts. They claimed he was a stranger to take a place in the starting rotation, that his pitches were still very green, while others advocated to give the 20 year-old boy a chance and see his talent. Finally, seven months after the consensus is unanimous. The Cuban Jose Fernandez is a monster!

The native of Villa Clara proved to be one of the few pieces that passed with flying colors his performance in a disastrous campaign for the Miami Marlins. Now that we are about to conclude the regular season, the team looks at his inclusion in the April roster as a hit. The Floridian team knows that Fernandez is going to be the image of the franchise for years to come, and is a priority to build a winner team to support his upcoming performances

Maybe we hasten to say that he is a “monster”. It happens that young pitchers often suffer serious injuries. But Fernandez, for now, knocks on wood and alienates his main enemy. The Marlins, aware of his quality have stopped abruptly this week his season when it remains little to say goodbye to the 2013year. It is a wise decision from a team that didn’t qualify to the playoffs. A break for the new star can yield positive dividends in the future.

The quality shown by Fernandez astonished everyone, exceeded expectations and predictions. Gradually he gained space and prominence while his team anchored at the bottom of the standings. Two months later there was talk of the Marlins, discussions revolved around the upcoming departure of Jose Fernandez. His arsenal intimidated by contrasting a fastball that consistently touches 98 miles per hour with a curve at 80, slider at 82 and change at 84.

Again and again he had quality starts. The rookie looks as a well-versed pitcher that already belongs in the majors. July came and he was nominated to the All-Star game, as a result of his meritorious demonstrations. Fernandez wanted more and did not stop until winning the rookie award in the months of July and August.

When they announced that on Wednesday September 11 it would be the last outing, all baseball eyes were on Fernandez. As it has been the case, once again, he did not disappoint and performed a game worthy of a Hollywood movie.

He dominated for seven innings the Atlanta Braves, the winningest team in the majors. And to top the performance he hit his first home run in his fledgling career, generating a heated argument with Braves catcher Brian McCann, when he stepped on home, as the Cuban spat the third pad and challenged them in his slow trot around the bases, while the Marlins stadium roared with elation. After the game in a gesture of chivalry, he apologized to the opposite team and the matter was over.

Although he will not pitch more for the rest of the season, Jose Fernandez placed disconcerting numbers that made him the favorite to win the award for Rookie of the Year in the National League. To his credit he has the second earned run average with 2.16, on the other rivals are hitting for average less than 180, the lowest figure by any pitcher in Major League today.

The same that argued the arrival of Fernandez in the majors now discuss the possible nomination of the Cuban for the Cy Young Award in the National, which recognizes the best pitcher of the campaign. For now, it appears that the young of Villa Clara is one of the aces of the pitching in the coming years, and the Marlins have a figure that will help him get their Third World Series ring.

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