Pito Abreu to the New York Yankees?

José Dariel Abreu will come closer this week to arriving in the MLB. After sorting the intricacies of official documents the player will show big league scouts his skills in the  Dominican Republic   .

According to SB Nation and Baseball America, this week will be when the Cienfuegos player will showcase his talent to the Major Leagues specialists. The showcase was agreed for the Academy of the New York Yankees in Quisqueya where Pito finally will be able to display his worth.

In these demonstrations is customary for players to play in the game essences therefore, José Dariel have to catch a couple of groundouts in first base; receive occasional short shots from the most complex areas of the diamond and get to the home plate to anchor his spikes on the ground and show bat in hand what has caused all that speculation about his talent.

A talent he will have to prove to the dozens of scouts that will gather on the lower decks in the training ground. For these scouts rumors are not just enough, not the accumulated statistics in the National Series or international IBAF tournaments (International Baseball Associated Federations), or what is said in the big websites dedicated to MLB baseball, for these scouts, what matters most is what their eagle eyes will suggest them once the player is on field.

Therefore, José Dariel Abreu should adjust his performance. These showcases are life and death, a gateway, which puts the price of the player. These display type workouts are almost an art auction: Pito in the field doing swings and pocketing grounders in his mitt, and scouts in the stands with hats and dark glasses licking their lips and calculating how much to lay on the table.

These days it is said that one of the franchises that has shown more interested in the 26-year player is the New York Yankees; hence they have provided their installation in the DR for the demonstrations. In this business, this type of care is not in vain, perhaps the Bronx team already has its sights on the slugger, and after the disastrous season they had among other things due to constant injuries of its main stars (Derek Jeter, Mark Texeira) and the punishment that is coming to Don Alex Rodriguez.

Experts say that the Yankees need a market coup, take home a value chip that makes up the old-fashioned way, someone with them out of the doldrums game this season and return them to media attention. Pito Abreu looks as to upset the market in some way and has plenty of potential, may be the key piece for the Yankees.

But the scouts don’t come only from the Big Apple, they come from all over. There is also speculation that the Boston Red Sox, Texas Rangers and San Francisco Giants are after José Dariel. Hopefully after his show case we will know what the future will be for him










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