The cool pace of the Domadores

It remains for Cubans Domadores to go through the qualifying stage of the V World Series of Boxing. They still miss, but it seems extremely difficult they will not lead the franchise group A and enlist directly in the semifinals of the event, as dictated by the regulations.

The fight continued this weekend, and Domadores reminisced about their start by sweeping, uncompromising in the scrimmage, the Desert Falcons of Algeria, visitors in Havana.

Again, at home and before their people, the Domadores came to the Sports City´s Coliseum, where also were without headers Teofilo Stevenson, Angel Herrera, Emilio Correa, José Gómez and dozens more glories.

On this occasion, but bare-chested, new gladiators want to emulate and endorse the story that others one day wrote. It was so they annihilated 5-0 the Hawks who do not take flight and continues sunk in the table.

Looser than he was before we saw the light flyweight Jhoanys Argilagos (49 kg), willing to get off the ring happy. His rival, with mediocre boxing arguments seemed to be handcuffed. The best youth athlete of 2013 gave no respite to Zoheir Toudjine and with his demonstration of confidence and skill, he made it clear that much remains for his to show at his 18 years of life.

The second bout of the evening, at 56 kilograms, had an exponent that has so far proved a great boxer. Andy Cruz, Matanzas birth, walked the distance against Fahem Hammachi.

Substituting for the third consecutive match in the format C-1 Olympic champion Robeysi Ramirez, the Cuban second best boxer in the division reached for another easy and convincing success; a clear sign of his aspirations to steal the show in the category.

Kevin Brown, third on the undercard, replaced late the twice runner-up of the world Yasnier Toledo. It was a decision that took most of us by surprise, even if the final verdict threw up the same sentence. The young man of 64 kilos, world junior champion, won by wide lead against his rival Ahmed Boudiaf, apparently without nerves and losing focus.

The fourth duel of the middleweights was fleeting. Arlen Lopez (75), perhaps annoyed by his timid preceding output, retaliated with Ilyas Abbadi, supposedly the best of the Algerian squad, but saw its undefeated streak of months fell in just seconds.

So, with the 4-0, the night was propitious to see the newly elected best boxer of America in 2014. Erislandy Savon (91), intractable in his last presentations in any competitive environment, without many mishaps settled the Algerian Bouziane Houna, who by just reaching the end had a positive presentation.

Thus, Bouziane became the first cruise that travels the five rounds against who also was selected the best boxer in the fourth edition of the universal team competition.

With this sweep, the Cubans remained unbeaten in nine appearances and show favorable balance of 40 wins and only five defeats.

The next match will be against Russia, the upcoming March 20 in Moscow. It will be a tricky duel since the Europeans are second in group A, ahead of Otamans of Ukraine.

The Domadores, meanwhile, maintains perfect performance of 27 points, but do not get over-confident: the goal is still far away and achieving Olympic tickets is another purpose to fulfill.

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