Cuban migratory crisis

Cuban migratory crisis

Cubans Michael Amor, his wife Ingrid and their daughter Samira pose for a picture in front of a refugee center in Sot, Serbia. Photo: Darko Vojinovic / AP.

Cubans stranded in Serbia

Far from the Caribbean beaches and warm breeze, a Cuban family cuddles up in a small room of a cold refugee center in Serbia while they try to elucidate their next step. They form part of an unusual affluence of … Continued

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Photo by Ramon Espinosa / AP

Cubans’ exits abroad have doubled

A total of 723,844 trips by Cubans to other countries were reported in 2016, a figure that doubled the number of exits abroad by the island’s residents since the migratory reform came into force four years ago. Between 2013 and … Continued

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Cuban migrants in a shelter in Los Planes de Gualaca, Panama. Photo: La Estrella de Panamá.

Panama about to repatriate last Cuban migrants

The Panamanian government is coordinating the exit of the last 95 Cuban migrants stranded in that country after the end of the U.S. “wet foot / dry foot” policy. According to the director of the Panamanian National Migration Service (SNM), … Continued

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Photo: Lisette Poole.

The 8,000-mile and 48-day photo

On May 13, 2016, Marta Amaro, 52, and Liset Barrios, 24, had left Havana. They had 13 countries, 10 illegal border crossings, kilometers and kilometers on wheels and on foot, traffickers ahead of them to reach the United States. They … Continued

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Photo: Kaloian

“No Cuban migrants” in April, says Coast Guard

April 2017 is a historic month for Cuban emigration. For the first time in seven years the U.S. Coast Guard did not intercept any rafters from the island in a month. “We didn’t have one Cuban migrant, not one,” said … Continued

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Photo: el Nuevo Herald.

Rafters: from 25 a day to 20 per month

The flow of Cuban rafters to the United States has considerably diminished in 2017. A report by the AP news agency points out that after the end of the “wet foot/dry foot” policy interceptions at sea have decreased from 25 … Continued

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Maria Grazia Giammarinaro. Photo: Joaquín Hernández/Trabajadores.

Giammarinaro: “Cuba is not immune to the trafficking in persons”

UN Special Rapporteur for Human Trafficking Maria GraziaGiammarinaro recognizes the Cuban government’s will to face this scourge, but warns that the island does no escape this phenomenon. After a four-day visit to Cuba, in which she met with civil society … Continued

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Photo: Irina Dambrauskas.

Mexico specifies there is no political asylum for Cubans

The Mexican government rectified what was said only a few days ago by Enrique Rivas Cuéllar, the mayor of Nuevo Laredo: the Cubans who remain in the city bordering the United States will be able to regularize their migratory status … Continued

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Cubans in Nuevo Laredo. Photo: Irina Dambrauskas.

Cubans in Mexico will be able to apply for political asylum

The Cubans stranded in Mexico after the end of the “wet foot/dry foot” policy will be able to apply for political asylum in that nation. That was the result of a meeting between the Mexican federal and municipal authorities, in … Continued

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Cubans in Nuevo Laredo. Photo: Irina Dambrauskas.

Miami is a dream in images

They sold everything, from their camera to their house. There isn’t even enough money left to buy a cell phone that takes good pictures. When they tried to see each other through a video call they ran into the technological … Continued

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