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The 18-karat toilet titled “United States” is a criticism by Maurizio Cattelan of the nation’s greedy instincts.

An 18-karat toilet for Trump

Donald and Melanie Trump wanted a museum in New York to lend them a Van Gogh painting for their private rooms in the White House. According to the daily The Washington Post, instead of that, the curator of the Guggenheim … Continued

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Donald Trump speaks with the press when leaving the White House on November 21, 2017 en route to Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Florida, for Thanksgiving Day. First Lady Melania Trump and their son Barron wait in the background. Photo: Evan Vucci / AP.

Trump sings his praise

  President Donald Trump’s message to the nation on the occasion of Thanksgiving Day: Look at all I’ve done for you. In his Tweet on the night before the holiday Trump wrote: “your country is starting to do really well.” … Continued

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Photo: Claudio Pelaez Sordo

Sonic attack…against peace

If it were not that it increasingly distances us from the hope of normal relations with the United States, one would choke to death laughing with this thing about the sonic attack. Or not? Is it possible that Cuba can … Continued

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Ares / Photo by Claudio Pelaez Sordo

Trump, the caricature and the artist who looks at Havana

  He is barely known as Arístides Esteban Hernández. If it is said that he is a psychiatrist by profession, he will surely be less known. But everything changes when people speak of Ares, his artistic name. Caricaturist, illustrator and … Continued

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A car for rent for tourists passes by the U.S. embassy in Havana. Photo: Alexandre Meneghini / Reuters.

U.S. sanctions damage Cuban entrepreneurs

  The U.S. government measures, which restrict trips to Cuba and doing business with enterprises linked to the Cuban Armed Forces and Intelligence Services, have taken effect. Cuban and U.S. analysts are of the opinion that their further effects (since … Continued

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European Parliament. Photo: Patrick Seeger / EFE.

European Parliament MPs back conditions for agreement with Cuba

The European Parliament’s Foreign Affairs Commission approved this Tuesday the European Union (EU)-Cuba Political Dialogue and Cooperation Agreement, which opens a new era in bilateral relations and asks the island for greater respect for human rights. Signed in December 2016 … Continued

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Cuban violinist Luis Haza plays the U.S. national anthem during Donald Trump’s speech at the Manuel Artime Theater, Friday June 16. Photo: Cristobal Herrera / EFE.

Opening to Cuba: more popular in Florida than Trump’s hardline

President Donald Trump’s new Cuba policy is less popular (13 points less) in Florida than the normalization of relations initiated in 2014 by his White House predecessor, Barack Obama, but in addition it has made the current president’s approval rating … Continued

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Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota Tina Smith is heading the first official U.S. delegation that will visit Cuba after Donald Trump’s speech in Miami. Photo: Aaron Lavinsky/Star Tribune.

Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota visits Cuba

Lieutenant Governor of Minnesota Tina Smith is the first high-ranking U.S. administration figure to visit Cuba after President Donald Trump’s announcement of change of policy toward the island. Smith, who has been in this post since January 2015, is traveling … Continued

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Myron Brilliant (left), executive vice president and head of International Affairs at the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, with Cuban American businessman and politician Carlos Gutiérrez. Photo:

U.S. Chamber of Commerce remains “committed” with Cuba

The U.S. Chamber of Commerce regretted President Donald Trump’s decision to roll back the opening toward Cuba promoted by the Obama administration. In statements Last Friday, Myron Brilliant, executive vice president and head of International Affairs of the commercial institution, … Continued

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Bruno Rodríguez: Trump’s policy marks rollback in bilateral relations

“Trump’s policy marks a rollback in bilateral relations,” said Cuban Foreign Minister Bruno Rodríguez Parrilla in a press conference this Monday. The foreign minister described the U.S. president’s presentation last Friday in Miami as “a grotesque Cold War show” and … Continued

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