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On the altar: The spell’s aim is to avoid President Trump from doing harm and to banish him from his post. Photo: Facebook / Mail Online.

Wiccas vs Trump

Trump is operating in the context of a divided and polarized society. He took over the White House thanks to the mechanism of the electoral college, questioned by the popular opposition (and its surroundings) for being old-fashioned and, ultimately, antidemocratic. … Continued

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Donald Trump in Greenville, South Carolina, last September. Photo: Richard Shiro / AP.

Trump’s pendulum

“Fifty years is enough,” he said in early September 2016. “The concept of opening to Cuba is OK,” “I think it’s OK,” he repeated. However there was a distancing: “But we have to make a better deal.” For starters, this … Continued

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Another stripe

Another stripe for the tiger. An additional executive order, one of those that had been planned with all the anticipation in the world, this time to produce another hard-line act: to ban the entrance into the country of refugees and … Continued

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Photo: Jae C. Hong / AP.

House taken over

While, as affirmed, Donald Trump is unpredictable, his inauguration was not. Absolutely not. His inaugural speech sums up, as a sort of very well-coordinated tablet, his hardcore political philosophy, if it can be called that: first, an explosive mixture of … Continued

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Photo: Foto: The Hill (Twitter)

Donald J. Trump sworn in as U.S. president

Today, January 20, Donald Trump officially assumed the presidency of the United States. The swearing in ceremony already began in the White House, where the Obamas received this morning the president-elect and his wife Melanie Trump.   Mike Pierce, his … Continued

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Our daily Trumpisms

I.Melania During recent months the social media and several newspapers have resuscitated a group of nude photos of the future First Lady of the United States, Melanie Trump. The images are fundamentally from an article published by the British magazine … Continued

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Donald (almost) has no one who will sing to him

Inaugurations are a mixture of political-institutional rituals and shows. In 1993, Bill Clinton’s first term in office inauguration included Michael Jackson, Barbra Streisand, Elton John, Fleetwood Mac, comedians Chevy Chase, Bill Crosby and Jack Lemmon. Bush Jr.’s had Ricky Martin, … Continued

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Photo: Richard Shiro / Associated Press

The mark of the Zorro: Cuban Americans in Trump’s team

The appointments for Trump’s cabinet have been consistent with the nominee’s electoral platform and the pressures made by the grassroots that took him to the presidency. The president-elect and his team have been covering those posts with a gallery of … Continued

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The Cuban-American who won Iowa

Texan senator of Cuban origin Ted Cruz beat magnate Donald Trump with 27.7% of votes from the republican electorate present in the caucuses or nominative assemblies held in the state of Iowa, the first stage of nominating the presidential candidates … Continued

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