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Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart. Foto: R. Stone /Science

Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart Dies

  Fidel Castro’s oldest son, Fidel Castro Díaz-Balart, died today in Havana at the age of 69, apparently from suicide, Cuban television reported. Castro Díaz-Balart, the only son from Fidel Castro’s marriage to Mirtha Díaz-Balart and known as “Fidelito,” had … Continued

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27,000 dollars for a box of Fidel Castro’s cigars

A box of cigars signed by the leader of the Cuban revolution, Fidel Castro, was sold to the highest bidder in Boston, the United States, for 26,950 dollars, the U.S. RR Auction reported. The box, which the auction house affirmed … Continued

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Fidel in Time magazine

Dressed in his olive green uniform, informally sitting sideways, almost irreverent, a still young Fidel Castro looks at the camera in a reflexive pose. He does not smile. He does not use his cap. He does not speak. He wears … Continued

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The plantation once resembled a company town. It had a store, bakery, restaurant, bar, hotel, bookkeeping office, cockfighting ring and school. Photo: Tracey Eaton

Fidel Castro in three acts

Biran Fidel Castro was born on his father’s sugar plantation near the town of Biran in eastern Cuba on Aug. 13, 1926. His father, Angel Castro, was an immigrant from Spain. His mother, Lina, was a former maid. They had … Continued

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Photo: Marcelino Vázquez Hernández/ ACN.

Fidel Castro’s ashes are buried in private ceremony in Santa Ifigenia

The first photographs of where Fidel Castro’s ashes were deposited in Santa Ifigenia Cemetery started circulating hours after the burial ceremony: Fidel Castro’s ashes were buried this Sunday in Santiago de Cuba. In a “solemn and private” ceremony in Santa … Continued

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Photo: Kaloian Santos Cabrera

The caravan’s route

On its route to Santiago de Cuba the caravan transporting the ashes of Fidel Castro arrived yesterday to Holguín. At 4 pm of December 2 the guerrilla president was again in the land of his birth. There, countenances, babes-in-arms and … Continued

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Photo: Kaloian Santos


There were many goodbyes for Fidel Castro. Everyone bid him farewell in his/her way, as they could, as they knew. The most diverse tributes were there, as well as the most beautiful contrasts: a table football with a photo of … Continued

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Photo: Ricardo López Hevia

Fidel Castro’s funeral cortege on route to Santiago de Cuba

After a mass rally held in José Martí Plaza de la Revolución on the night of Tuesday 29, this morning Fidel Castro’s ashes began their caravan trajectory en route to Santiago de Cuba. The route will be the same as … Continued

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Plaza de la Revolución this dawn. Photo: Gabriel Guerra Bianchini.

The Plaza in mourning

On the first day of the funeral rites for Fidel Castro, as they did for decades to hear his speeches, thousands of persons have marched today to Plaza de la Revolución, in Havana. This time they come in silence. A … Continued

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Fidel Castro has died

In Havana, in Cuba, in the world, the news has started to spread. It was his brother, President Raúl Castro, who from his office in the Palace of the Revolution read a short note announcing the news: this November 25, … Continued

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